What the fashion industry looks like after 4 years of Detox

10% of the global retail fashion industry is committed to eliminating toxic chemicals. But without you, this would’ve been zero.Detox Impacts Infographic

This is what hundred of thousands of people can do when they are united in the belief that beautiful fashion should be made free from hazardous chemicals – and most importantly, when they have the courage to take action.

So today, Greenpeace East Asia can finally reveal the second instalment of the Detox Catwalk, an online platform charting the progress made by 18 committed companies down the runway to Detox. Is your favourite fashion label a Detox Leader?

From factories cleaning up their wastewater, through to massive sports brands talking about a paradigm shift – the #PeoplePowered Detox campaign is having a big impact right along the supply chain. Our campaigners from the EU, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines and China are starting to see the slow wheels of policy and legislation creak into action.

See for yourself.                         

This might all be great progress but water pollution has not disappeared overnight.

Take China for instance where 64% of urban underground water is seriously polluted; or Indonesia where 80% of water pollution in the capital’s main river comes from the textile industry.

Be part of the story rewriting fashion. Join the Detox movement.

If we can achieve so much in just four years, imagine what we might be saying in 2019!

Yixiu Wu is a Detox Campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia.

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